Is it gross? The Chinese Hot Pot Sauce Edition

The name of the game is “Is it gross?” Here’s how it works:

I tell someone something, and they tell me if it’s gross or not. Today’s contestant is Ed. Here’s today’s “thing”:

I crack an egg into a bowl and then add soy sauce and Chinese barbeque sauce. I then whisk it up with a fork to get all of the ingredients mixed up. Finally, I cut up silken tofu into squares and use the contents of the bowl as a dipping sauce for the tofu.

Ed’s response:

oh, thats not that gross

Ding ding ding! It’s not gross! In fact, it’s similar to Chinese hot pot sauce.

Best served on cold, wintry nights, the Chinese hot pot is a great way to get the family together (if that is truly your goal) and provide a meal that takes minimal effort to prepare. This is done by filling a hot pot half way with water and gradually adding vegetables, strips of meat, balls of meat, various varieties of mushrooms, and cellophane noodles.

Each member of the dining party creates their own hot pot sauce by mixing soy sauce, vinegar, Chinese barbeque sauce, and hot sauce. Proportions will vary depending on individual taste. Throughout the dinner, the hot-potters continually use chop sticks to poke at food in the hot pot to check for readiness and extract them individually to mix with their sauce and eventually consume (likely after blowing on it several times because it will be hot!)

The last best thing about Chinese hot pot is that it’s easy to clean. Instead of spending time scrubbing pots and pans, just ask your maid to clean the hot pot! Just make sure you unplug it first. You don’t want to lose your family time because of a felony manslaughter charge! If you do forget, however, be sure to use a broom to push your maid away from the electrical current, and call an ambulance immediately. This is yet another part of Chinese hot pot night that can be done as a family.


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