Health First – Join the whole grain revolution

whole wheat bread

Ten years ago, it seemed that the bread of choice was white bread. And why not? It’s relatively cheap and tastes good. But now, the craze is all about whole grain. Whole grain cereal and whole wheat breads. Why the turn to whole grains? As it turns out, Americans are turning to whole grains as they’re beginning to place health first.

Whole grains are simply great. They provide complex carbohydrates, which your body takes longer to break down. Translation: you get a sustained source of energy for hours. Additionally, unlike white bread, whole grains are not refined. The refining process takes a lot of the goodness such as fiber out of grains. The fiber, in turn, takes more effort for your body to digest, which adds to the slow-release effect, sustaining your body with a steady supply of energy for hours without spiking your insulin levels (which may make you feel drowsy after a big meal).

What else? Don’t forget, both soluble and non-soluble fiber fight bad cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease.

So how do you take advantage of these whole grains?

  1. For breakfast, have some whole grain cereal. I personally prefer Multigrain Cheerios, but walking down the cereal aisle of your grocery store, you’ll find plenty of choices.
  2. For lunch, have a turkey sandwich with whole grain bread. The lean turkey will provide you with protein without a lot of fat. Throw in some avocado as well for omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
  3. For dinner, substitute whole grain pasta for your regular pasta. If you’re more of a rice person, substitute brown rice for your white rice.

These three simple steps will start you down the right path for finding the healthier you. Keep reading Health First for more tips on losing weight while improving your overall health. And remember, always put your health first!


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