Bon Appétit – Stop the whole grain insurgency

wonder breadDo you remember an altogether simpler time? When bread was Wonder and white, and rice implied “white”? And when someone would mention “whole grains,” the response would be, “whole grains? What are you, a hippy from SAN FRANCISCO?”

Those times have been replaced by the dismal present when “health” is a reason to give up taste. The following are whole grains that I cannot accept:

  1. Whole grain cereal. You’re healthy, and you provide an altogether “moving” experience. I get it. What happened to taste? Are the extra years that this will bring me going to be worth it if I have to spend them eating whole grain cereal?
  2. Whole grain bread. You dominate my sandwich. All I want to taste is my turkey, avocado, and cheese, but thanks to you, I have to taste cardboard as well. Thanks.
  3. Brown rice. The only way to make you palatable is by drenching you with sauces. Sauces that generally are high in sodium and/or simple sugars. Oh, I’m back where I’m started then, aren’t I?

Do you have a recipe that involves whole grains that doesn’t suck? Please do share. If it’s good enough, I will post it. Otherwise, I’m going to have to call an end to this madness.

’til next time, Bon Appetit.


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