"No we can’t" – The National SADD Society responds to Obama

hillaryobama_ap.jpgIt’s a big day in politics as Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont hold their presidential primaries. In the spirit of the occasion, I’ve decided to post about politics. The big question on the Democrats’ side: Clinton or Obama?

To gain a new perspective on the question, I met up with John Mirth, the director of National SADD Society, at the NSADDS headquarters in Rhode Island to ask him how NSADDS feels about Obama. The following was his response:

Obama’s all big on saying “yes we can,” but we have our doubts… We mean, it’s not like we haven’t tried… And maybe, with enough time, we may be able to… but sometimes… we just… we don’t know… It’s hard, you know? It’s like you wake up in the morning and you’re all like… man… or woman… or whatever… why even bother getting dressed? We’re just going to end up messing everything up anyway…

Who is he even talking about? Surely not us… Hah right, like anyone would ever think of us or think that we could accomplish anything… He’s probably just using the royal “we,” whatever that is… We just wish he’d take us out of the picture… because… we mean… we bet he can… but without us… He’s a smart guy… He went to a great school… He’s got great aspirations… Great skills… *sigh. We wish we were like that. We can’t even make toast right… without charring the edges… We’d probably just drag him down… gggggggggguuuuuhhhh

Leaving the NSADDS headquarters, I couldn’t help but get the sense that NSADDS was a tad disheartened. Hopefully today, they will hit the polls with the enthusiastic apathy for which NSADDS is known.


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