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attractive woman from menshealth.comWe all rely on the Internet for basic necessities such as teaching your kids about sex, reminding you when your husband’s up for parole, and watching Rick Astley videos, but can you also use it for learning about health? Not at this blog, ha ha ha, no.

But here’s some sites you can take a look at:

  1. It’s a site run by a dude that is jacked and does a lot of research. Sure he doesn’t seem to be “certified,” but everything I’ve learned from trainers seem to be consistent with what he has to say. I use a routine close to his, and I’d have to say that it works pretty well for me.
  2. is run by this trainer. What’s great about her site is that she goes over practical tips and points out things that are useful to know. Like when you do a dead lift with near perfect form, and then you start arching your back and twisting to unrack the weights. Yeah, that’s bad news.
  3. Every day, they show a new picture of an attractive woman, and they list about 10 exercises that will probably waste your time. Buy the Abs Diet book (written by the editor in chief), and then come back every day for the new picture, but ditch the exercises.

Also note that is not applicable to women as men and women have completely different anatomies. Did you know: Unlike men, women are technically not part of the phylum chordata? Their stinging nettles earn them the classification of Cnidaria.

So now you’ve got two sites to check out to learn more about health. Check them out. When you start taking exercising and dieting seriously enough to research it, you’re well on your way to putting health first.


One thought on “Health First – Learning more about health

  1. Michael Lynch says:

    Stop being so careless with the truth!

    Mr. Hwang, I’ve noticed a very disturbing trend in your posts. You (and your other pay-per-view blogging cohorts) willfully bend facts in order to sensationalize your ideas and maintain your sizable readership, but at the expense of those who take time to read your thoughts.

    Let’s take a look at this article for example. The line,
    “ is run by *this* trainer [emphasis added],” is placed next to a photo of a healthy bodied female. Many of your readers likely assumed that the “this” in that sentence, referred to Lauren Harding of AS ANY RATIONAL PERSON WOULD. It is not until the astute reader (such as myself) takes the time to read the HTML source and examines the ALT attribute of the image that they realize that it is, in fact, related to the bullet point and has nothing to do with Lauren Harding of (who, by the way is quite homely:

    But this seems of no concern to you. You know that by the time anyone realizes this, you’ve already collected your pay-per-view revenue from wordpress and have checks in the mail from Lauren Harding, Dr. Men Shealth, and Sheldon Stronglifts.

    Shame on you, Mr. Hwang. Please try to remember that although your feedburner may be burning into the 5th digit realm, you are not above journalistic ethics. You have a responsibility to the facts. You have a responsibility to your readers. You have a responsibility to yourself.


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