Cut to the Chase – Walking Tall

Walking TallLet’s cut to the chase. In this movie, the Rock is a former soldier that returns to his home town find that these guys that run a casino are selling drugs. So he beats them up with a plank of plywood. When he is arrested and tried for assault, he tells the jury that if they return a verdict of “not guilty,” he’ll run for sheriff and clean up the town. Once he’s sheriff, he fires the corrupt police. When the corrupt police attack him with fully automatic weapons, he kills them. And then he kills the casino people.

Overall: great action film! My only gripe: the Rock really didn’t have to run for sheriff. It seemed superfluous considering the number of laws he broke as sheriff. I mean, if you’re going to break the law as sheriff, you might as well forget about the sheriff office and break the same laws as a civilian. He could’ve just said to the jury, “hey, let me go, and I’ll go kill these guys, and then you can let me go again…” ehh… just a thought.


One thought on “Cut to the Chase – Walking Tall

  1. Michael Lynch says:

    It’s as if I’ve watchered the movie myself!

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