Finding out whom amongst your friends don’t trust you – and taking advantage of those who do!

Do you ever write out a long list of who your friends are and think about them, one by one? I do. I ask myself questions like, “who would back me up in a bar fight?” One day I came up with the question, “who really trusts me?” And I came up with a test. Here’s what you do:

  1. Write a Trojan horse virus. Or better yet, use a pre-made one on the Internet.
  2. Email it to your friends. Say something innocent like, “hey check out this program I wrote. You can run a virus scanner if you don’t trust me. It’s legit.”
  3. See if you they actually ran the executable or if they had to virus scan it first.

If they scanned it and realized that you sent them a virus, then they’re a jerk. If they executed it, then you’re the jerk… but you get to find out what kind of crazy stuff they have on their computers! One of my roommates — let’s call him M Lynch… no that’s too obvious… Mike L — I found poems that he wrote for his cat Flufferbutters.

After that time I snooped around his room and found the cat poems, I just HAD to see if he had crazier stuff on his computer. Too bad he scanned the file. How about that. He doesn’t trust me to send him a safe executable, but he trusts me enough to only lock his door with a lock that can be cut with bolt cutters.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if this really works, let me tell you that it does. I trusted Shawn Fanning… until he stole Napster from me.


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