Web 3.0, maybe 4.0

Any time anyone in the software business mentions “web 2.0,” he or she (most likely “he”) has to wave his hands like a mad man. Why? Because it’s the next big thing. Right?

Wrong. Fact: Web 2.0 is old news. People wave their hands when they say “web 2.0” because they know how stupid it is. It’s been going on for a while. Yeah yeah yeah. It’s a new interactive form of the Internet. It uses AJAX, woo. And it really takes power away from those fat cats that control the media. Right?

Wrong. Fact: People are stupid. When you let the population of people on the Internet that know how to digg contribute to the selection of “news,” all you get are a bunch of articles about how great Ron Paul is and links to Web sites devoted to lolcats… But it democratizes the Internet, allowing really bright, talented youths develop innovative software, right?

Wrong. Fact: I don’t care that you’re a 23 year old that’s worth a billion dollars because you started a web site that’s being used around the world. You get no points because you did it accidentally when you were trying to write an application that lets college students stalk each other, and now that it’s popular, you’ve made it clear that you have no idea what you’re doing. Fact: When the Nobel committee realized that Alexander Fleming accidentally discovered penicillin as he was trying to culture bacteria that would make it easier for college students to stalk each other, they rescinded his Nobel prize. And then shot him. But these services being offered over the Internet are free and amazing, right?

Wrong. Fact: Google is drinking your milkshake. Slurrrrrp. They drink it up. And you’re liking it. You’ve got lots of milkshake, and Google is inserting their large straw into it and slurping it up.

So where do we go from here? Fact: Web 3.0. Stay tuned as I define and describe the future of the Internet.


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