How not to write an email (or a blog post)

adamandthemoogMy fellow bloggers at and I have joined forces, linking our blogs to each other’s blogs. To celebrate this union, I’ve started a category of blog entries in which I point out their flaws on the Internet for everybody to see.

Today’s topic: How not to write an email (or a blog post).

The specific lesson: The body is not an extension of the subject line. Or title either.

Exhibit A

Of course, you can always ask, “says who?” and attack my non-existent credentials, but really, it’s just not right. Sure, they should be related, and in some cases, the first words in the body can be the subject line or title, so long as the body is not a continuation of the subject line (or title).

Oh, and one last thing: it is never okay to put the entire body of your email into the subject line, leaving the body itself blank.

And that’s all for this post — be sure to check out!


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