The Smartest Women of Baywatch

180px-MitchBuchannon It takes more than just a one-piece swim suit and a tan to protect a beach: it takes mental sharpness. And from watching Baywatch, we realize that it takes mental sharpness to play the protectors of the beach as well. Today, we take a break from the daily posting of cartoons to take a look at the smartest women of Baywatch.

  1. Carmen Electra.  The actress that played Lani McKenzie in season 8, is well known as a Playboy model and the replacement for Jenny McCarthy in MTV’s Singled Out, but did you know that she also graduated from Princeton*? Estimated SAT score: 1510.
  2. Donna D’Errico. On screen, she was Donna Marco, life guard. Off screen, she is a supporter of Ron Paul, Republican. Estimated SAT score: 1370.
  3. Yasmine Bleeth. Caroline Holden may have just been eye-candy to most viewers, but underneath the lifeguard facade is is Yasmine Bleeth, formerly a member of the United Nations** and bilingual in French and English. Estimated SAT score: 1520

Note: Before we get to all of the caveats of the info above above, let me just preface by saying that this has been one of the more difficult blog posts to research. No where on the Internet did I find anything about any actresss in Baywatch going to college, and this includes the actresses in Baywatch: Nights! Of course it’s hard to say that there’s a direct link between one’s college education and how “smart” he or she is, but it’s the most obvious metric to use for a 200 word article about the women of Baywatch. That said:

*Princeton High School in Sharonville, Ohio

**United Nations International School in Manhattan

All estimated SAT scores are based on the original 1600 scale before the writing portion was added.


One thought on “The Smartest Women of Baywatch

  1. hitokirihoshi says:

    wow great research! i remember i had favorite character in baywatch and her name was nicole. do you know her? hehehe

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