An Original eBusiness – Communal Tax Preparation

0409_manandwomanatlaptop Tax season may be over “per se,” but is tax season ever really over? Once one tax season stops, the next one begins. That’s what inspired the idea for my latest eBusiness: Communal Tax Preparation. It combines Web 2.0, Open Source, and the financial savvy of the average Internet user to make tax preparation easy for everybody.

How does this work? Users enter all of their important financial information (name, address, social security number, income, etc) onto the Internet, and good willed Internet user, likely skilled in tax preparation, files their taxes for them. And the best part? It’s free! We’re completely funded by contextual advertising.

Some may ask, “but Al, isn’t it risky to put all of your financial information on the Internet?”

I say that it’s risky to not put all of your financial information on the Internet. Made up statistics show that 90% of half of all tax returns are audited by the federal government. Isn’t that scary? And really, how can you trust these monolithic, for-profit companies to do your taxes? Wouldn’t you rather have it out in the open for people like you to do your taxes? As the saying goes, with enough eyes, all tax mistakes are shallow.

So when next tax season comes, instead of putting your trust in one guy that you may know that works for a reputable organization, put your trust in a whole lot of people that you don’t know at all.


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