Viewer Mail – The Trojan War edition

achilles For today’s viewer mail, we’ve decided to pull a classic letter from our archives from a man named Menelaus. He writes:

Dear Al,

My wife recently ran away with another man, and I’ve kind of started a war over it. I’ve been besieging Troy for about 10 years so far. Is 10 years too long for a war?


Tired in Troy

Well Menelaus, the classic answer is that there’s no right length for a war — it’s more of a matter of what’s a good duration for you. However, in reality, 10 years is a long time for any war. Think about all of the logistics and supplies. It’s also got to be quite wearing on your warriors, especially because the 10 years doesn’t include their trip back. What if one of your warriors commits hubris and challenges one of the Gods who then in turns sends them on a 10 year journey just to get home? It’s bad for your warriors, and it looks bad in the history books.

My advice: end it. Perhaps a peace offering such as a wooden statue of a horse would convince the other man to give you your wife back.


One thought on “Viewer Mail – The Trojan War edition

  1. Michael Lynch says:

    Haha, this one was great

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