Yet another excerpt from my autobiography

Here’s a short excerpt from my autobiography from the chapter titled, “The Amateur Cryptographers Club”

And then it hit me: Henderson had used the Caesar Cipher to encrypt the message. After applying a couple rules of thumb (the letter ‘e’ is usually the letter used most frequently, the most common 3-letter word is “the,” etc), I was able to decrypt the message, which was a famous, motivational quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. Through his message, Henderson was encouraging me to keep going.

Later in life, a friend of mine from the Amateur Cryptographers club told me that Henderson’s daily Cryptogram in the Philadelphia Inquirer was always a famous quote, it was always encrypted with a Caesar Cipher, and it was likely not directly at me. Fortunately, at that stage in my life, I didn’t need Henderson’s wisdom anymore as I had a new source of inspiration: Dr. Phil.


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