Cut to the Chase – Stick It

Stick it, a film just about as good as its movie poster To celebrate the Olympics, I’ve chosen the movie Stick It, a movie about the greatest sport of all time: Women’s Aerobic Gymnastics.

Stick It is about an teenaged ex-gymnast Haley Graham (played by Missy Peregrym, you may recognize her from the WB hit TV show Black Sash starring Russell Wong). Haley Graham’s got a tough-girl attitude, refusing ever to practice gymnastics again… That is, until her antics land her in court where the judge gives her the option between practicing gymnastics and going to juvenile hall.

Graham chooses gymnastics over incarceration, and after practicing for a few months under Burt Vickerman (played by Jeff Bridges), an ex-trampolinist and women’s gymnastics coach, frowned upon by the rest of the gymnastics community for being in the illustrious competitive women’s gymnastics coach just for the money, Haley and a group of other gymnasts are invited to compete at nationals.

At nationals, we find out that the reason that Haley had refused to ever practice gymnastics again was because she found out that her mother had left her father for her previous gymnastics coach DURING HER LAST NATIONALS COMPETITION. As in, she was about to win, but just before her last event, her coach was like, “oh by the way Haley, I’m getting with your mom.”

After a few events where her teammates are robbed of good scores at the nationals, the film takes a turn as Haley goes on a crusade to screw the national gymnastics association for inconsistent scoring practices. By colluding with other competitors, Haley is able to choose the winner of each event by convincing other competitors to scratch (or in other words, not compete).

In the sequel Stick It 2: In it to tie it, we find that the finalists elected by Haley’s techniques fail to qualify for the Olympics, and the US goes unrepresented in women’s aerobic gymnastics for the first time since the inception of the modern Olympics.


One thought on “Cut to the Chase – Stick It

  1. Michael Lynch says:

    Another glorious Cut to the Chase. Bravo!

    I loved “In it to tie it,” but I note that the only reason you had to be creative was because for the first time, you couldn’t use the 2 ___ 2 ___ template.

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