The Forever Stamp

foreverstamp It costs the same amount as other stamps, but unlike other stamps, it will always be valid first class postage for envelopes. It is the forever stamp. And it makes little sense.

Or does it? Why would anyone pay $0.42 for a stamp when the price has been raised 6 times since 2001? Personally, I’d be willing to pay $0.50 for a stamp if it meant that I wouldn’t have to go out and by a coil of $0.01 stamps every time the rate increased.

I did a little investigative reporting, and by that, I mean that I went to the United States Postal Service web site and thought about it for a minute, and I came to the conclusion that there really is no reason to buy anything but the Forever Stamp.

Really, unless you’re expecting UPS, FedEx, and the Internet going out of business and oil producing countries to start distributing free gas at least once a week, you should just get the Forever stamp.

The only exception is if you’re like me, and you’ve got a sheet full of $0.41 Gerald Ford stamps. I’ll get a roll of $0.01 stamps until my Gerald Fords are gone, and then I’ll invest in the Forever Stamp.

Thanks for letting me waste a few minutes of your life.


4 thoughts on “The Forever Stamp

  1. Michael Lynch says:

    The only “forever” that you should be thinking about is keeping those Gerald Ford stamps. Forever. Gerald Ford died today and I’m gay. That makes those stamps very valuable.

  2. Michael Lynch says:

    But seriously folks, Al is wrong. From a purely monetary standpoint (ignoring convenience), the Forever Stap is a bad deal. Historically, postage rates increase slower than the CPI, meaning that each year the amount of “wealth” a person must have to buy a stamp is actually decreasing. In fact, the price of US postage is legally required to increase slower than CPI by the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, so you’re guaranteed to be getting an equal or better deal on your postage each year by buying the denominated kind.

  3. alhwang says:

    I couldn’t disagree more. I’m sitting here with a bunch of $0.41 stamps and I can’t send a letter without wasting $0.40. I’ll probably spend more on gas by driving down to the post office to buy the roll of $0.01 stamps than I will on the full postage.

  4. Michael Lynch says:

    But seriously folks, I was wrong on August 27th. You should always buy the Forever Stamp over the denominated stamp. You just lose money by buying more of any stamp than you plan to use, because prices go down year by year relative to inflation, but you lose more on denominated stamps because they don’t appreciate in value.

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