Are you out of touch with 4th grade science?

gallimimus “No mooom, it’s a gallimeeeeemus.”

Yeah, you remember saying that back in the day. Because back in 4th grade, we were all experts at 4th grade science. We knew all about how dinosaurs were believed to be more closely related to birds than they were to reptiles, and we knew the order of the planets in our solar system by heart.

Fast forward about 14 years, and it’s pretty clear that we don’t know anything anymore. I realized this while watching PBS. All of a sudden, Pluto’s not a planet anymore because of the Kuiper Belt, and as for the extinction of the dinosaurs that nobody really understood? Well, it’s pretty much consensus among the scientific community that it was a combination of a meteor strike, volcanic activity, and exorbitant gas prices.

10 years in the future, when your kids are 7, they’re going to tell you something that you didn’t know about something that you used to think was cool, and you’ll feel blind sided. They may even correct your pronunciation of “gallimimus” (which will, by that time, be galli-my-mus). But rest assured, being the adult and allowed to curse, you can always say, “f*** you kid, I invented the gallimeemus.”


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