Cut to the Chase – Meet Bill

200px-Meet_bill What can I say? I’m a sucker for relatively new-looking movies available for streaming via NetFlix that I haven’t heard of but also have an all star cast. When I saw that Meet Bill (2008), starring Elizabeth Banks, Jessica Alba, and Aaron Eckhart was available for streaming, I knew I was in for a treat. It was after finishing the movie that I realized that the formula I was using for picking movies to watch intersects the formula for movies that go straight to video.

Meet Bill is about a man that, after marrying into a wealthy family, finds himself in a job that he doesn’t like with a wife that’s cheating on him. He then decides to leave his job and his wife for a new life. And then what happens? I don’t know. The movie ends there.

Yes, one would think that the starting of a new life, albeit probably a trite theme for writers, would be where the movie begins. Nope, not in Meet Bill. The 90 minute film focuses instead on Aaron Eckhart’s character not liking his boring job, which he states in the first minute of the movie, and not liking that his wife was cheating on him, which we find out shortly thereafter.

I will give this movie a three-star rating though only because Aaron Eckhart’s character cuts his hair at the end of the movie, which was a relief for me, because Eckhart with long hair really bothers me. And on a straight note, Elizabeth Banks is stunning as usual.


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