Cut to the Chase – Enchanted

200px-Enchantedposter Recently, Netflix added a bunch of content from Starz Play to its selection of instantly available movies, and now my Netflix queue is filled with a lot of great movies. Included is Enchanted.

Now, don’t get me wrong — I absolutely loved Enchanted. I gave it 5 stars — and not only because it was filmed two blocks away from where I lived in my senior year of college. It was thoroughly enjoyable and reminded the world that fiction can make the world seem like it sucks less.

However, I found an issue with the premise of the film. What made the evil Queen Narissa think that Edward’s marriage with Giselle would result in her losing her thrown? Since when did the marriage between a prince and princess elevate them to King/Queen status? Or was she afraid that Giselle’s forces, combined with Edward’s, would create an unstoppable alliance?

Additionally, when it was obvious that Robert was Giselle’s one true love, why was she still insistent upon killing them? The threat (as dubious as it was) that Giselle posed no longer existed.

So that’s all I’ve got. Stay tuned for my comparison of Princess Diaries and What a Girl Wants. And potentially for my analysis of parallelisms between Enchanted and Pan’s Labyrinth.


One thought on “Cut to the Chase – Enchanted

  1. Michael Lynch says:

    Enchanted: Fairy tale for adults with a good sense of humor
    Pan’s Labyrinth: Fairy tale for adults who like to jack off to their own analyses of movies after seeing them.

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