Cut to the Chase – The One

200px-Theoneposter Jet Li’s action thriller The One is a film about the classic struggle with ones self, interpreted literally, spanned across multiple universes, and the struggle is fought with martial arts. If you remember seeing the trailer, you’ve probably just about seen the entire movie.

What did I learn from watching The One? I’d say that on the off chance that I become really powerful and end up fighting a version of myself from another universe that’s only good at kung fu, I should learn some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to counter his kung fu.

But one thing bothered me about this movie: the characters in the movie were unsure what happens when there’s only one version of Jet Li’s character left. They speculated that he may become a God…

But given that there are 125 universes

…and in each of the universes, every human is mortal

…and that the same person in different universes will lead different lives

…which make it unlikely that every person in the universe will die at the same time

doesn’t this mean that there’s always going to be a point for every person where there’s only one version of him left?

I just decided based on rereading this post that this movie was terrible.


One thought on “Cut to the Chase – The One

  1. Eugene says:

    looking forward for more information about this. thanks for sharing. Eugene

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