Cooking! It’s just like chemistry! Not that I know either particularly well…

avocado Analogies that compare cooking and chemistry are good for two things. They show how the person making the analogy knows about:

  1. cooking and
  2. chemistry

But the one thing that the two do share is the well defined relationship between the elementary unit and the sum of an arbitrary number of elementary units. In cooking, we call this Avocado’s Number which is defined as the number of avocados in a single Guacamole.

In the early days of cooking, Avocado’s number approximated at 6.022 x 10^23. However, because of trends started by Louis Pasteur’s discovery of germ theory, elucidating the world on the grossness of communal guacamole troughs, Avocado’s number is currently 2.

Today, in guacamole seasoning factories around the world, guacamole seasoning packets are made for exactly one serving of guacamole, requiring exactly two avocados.


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