John Tucker must be offensive to women

For those of you that haven’t seen John Tucker Must Die, there’s a scene where four girls are thinking about ways to punish John Tucker. After Brittany Snow’s character claims that estrogen supplements will not help women increase breast size as it in fact interrupts natural hormone production, the four girls some how come to the conclusion that they should somehow get John Tucker to take estrogen.

After taking estrogen, John Tucker, in the middle of a basketball game, becomes “sensitive” and complaints that another basketball player is being “mean.” After injuring himself, he stomps off the court, claiming that the coach never listens to him.

Here were my thoughts:

  1. That’s not what estrogen does.
  2. This is why Hillary Clinton was not elected president.



One thought on “John Tucker must be offensive to women

  1. Michael Lynch says:

    The best part is that it takes effect within a few seconds of him ingesting it. Like, faster than his body would be able to process water. You need more posts exploring John Tucker Must Die.

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