Bear Grylls’ next challenge – wtf is wrong with people?

About half a year ago, I wrote a little blog post about a fictitious episode of Man vs. Wild in which Bear Grylls is dropped into the movie Waterworld. In it, I spend two paragraphs explaining why Bear Grylls is badass and one pointing out that some people disagree.

And then this dumb ass posts a comment:

Hey Who s the hell moth**fuc**ng guy made this blog…
i dont think u tht much know anything abt surviving..
u can jus do sitting front of computer wid some pornography…..
can u dare to grab a livin snake n eat it 2 survive…??
i think u will immediately come back wid ur wet pant….
then jus fffffffuuuuccckkkk yyyooouuuuu…
bear grylls rocks!!!
– from his true fan

To which I have the following response:

  1. There’s an entire “about” section in which I describe myself. Feel free to read it.
  2. You discredit your own argument with your terrible spelling.
  3. I don’t think you actually read the blog post.

So that said, have a good night everyone.


2 thoughts on “Bear Grylls’ next challenge – wtf is wrong with people?

  1. Tony says:

    Hmmm he’s obviously a kindergarten dropout

  2. jordana says:

    i love your blogs, and i think some people just want to hold others down!! keep doin your thing!! you rock!!

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