The Adventures of Zelda and her Poor Leadership Skills

zelda The Adventures of Zelda was originally a part of The Super Mario Brothers Supershow… sorta… The Super Mario Brothers Super Show would be shown Monday through Thursday, and on Friday, the Adventures of Zelda would be shown in its time slot.

It’s a cartoon series about an elf princess Zelda and a hero Link that defend the kingdom of Hyrule and the Triforce of Wisdom from an evil wizard named Ganon. Ganon already has the triforce of power, and if he controls both, he will somehow rule the world.

On a side note: What’s the deal with people making things with all these powers that don’t seem to do any good but have the potential for terrible evil? Like in the Lord of the Rings…

Anyhow, evil Ganon found a terrible hole in Link and Zelda’s security which Zelda has yet to discover: the Triforce, stationary in a tower in the castle of Hyrule, and Zelda are both only being protected by one hero: Link. And Link has the fatal flaw of only being able to be in one place at any given time.

In the first and second episodes, Ganon somehow gets into the castle of Hyrule and creates a giant monster to attack Zelda. Link then jumps out of the tower to fight the monster while Ganon sneaks into the tower to take the triforce. By the time Link destroys the monster to save the princess, Ganon is usually on his way out of the castle with the triforce, and the princess then blames Link for not protecting the triforce.

Meanwhile, in every episode, there’s also a love triangle. Link likes Zelda while Sprite, a fairy-princess, likes Sprite. Zelda likes playing with Link’s emotions.

Here’s a couple ideas I had that may help Zelda:

  1. Hire more guards. Perhaps one to follow the princess around and one for the triforce? Don’t people with castles generally have armies anyway? And who built the castle in the first place? There’s nobody in it!
  2. Stop letting people in your castle. There seems to be some open door policy because it seems like Ganon never meets any resistance getting into the castle. He just waltzes in with a disguise.
  3. Stop reassigning the only guy protecting both you and the triforce to menial tasks. I don’t care if it’s springtime. Link should probably be protecting the triforce, not cleaning your bedroom.

One thought on “The Adventures of Zelda and her Poor Leadership Skills

  1. Michael Lynch says:

    Haha, awesome post. Was there a typo in your love triangle paragraph? Sprite likes Sprite?

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