Those stupid tests???

You know those stupid tests where they ask you like 50 questions and then tell you what they are? I was just thinking about how stupid they are.

First, if anyone has to ask me 50 questions before they can tell me anything about myself, I will not be impressed. I just sat around answering 50 questions. That’s enough information to write my biography.

Second, the tests usually go like this (my answers and thoughts are in parentheses):


Are you loud or quiet? (Quiet)

Are you outgoing? (No)

Do you prefer talking or thinking? (Thinking)

(Click submit)

You are Introverted. (wait what does this mean?)

Being introverted means that you are likely quiet, not outgoing, and prefer thinking to talking. (oooh how about that.)

Third, you do not need a test to tell if you are introverted or extroverted.

And you know what else bothers me? The movie You Got Served.


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