Cidade de Deus, but in New York, and the exact opposite

MTV made my day today with the series premiere of The City, a reality-TV-documentary style spin-off of a spin-off (The Hills) of Laguna Beach.

Now, I’ve never really followed Laguna Beach or The Hills, but after watching the first two episodes of The City, I’ve decided that I’m really glad that there are people out there (MTV) devoted to wealthy,-attractive-people-issues. IE, issues that affect those that are both wealthy and attractive.

Whitney Port was an intern with Lauren Conrad at Teen Vogue on the Laguna Beach spin-off, The Hills. In The City, she has moved to New York City to work for fashion label Diane von Furstenburg where cameras follow her. In New York, she and others in the show deal with the following wealthy-and-attractive-people issues:

  1. What type of champagne do I bring to my friend’s dinner party?
  2. How do I handle all of these beautiful members of the opposite/same sex that are interested in me?
  3. When it comes to fashionable sunglasses, how big is too big?
  4. Not knowing any unattractive people, how will I keep my self-esteem up?
  5. How does my heavy dependence on my looks, third grade education, and desire to be “tough” affect my risk tolerance?

Many may think I’m writing another typical Al-style sarcastic blog post. I am not (I don’t even know the definition of “sarcastic”). These are serious issues. And when we become wealthy and attractive (or start living vicariously through characters on TV), we will also have to deal with these issues.

To help you enjoy this series, try doing what I do. Watch the show for about 15 minutes. Notice their apartments, the fancy restaurants they eat at, and how everyone is constantly surrounded by attractive people. Then, think about how you were born around the same time as Whitney Port (this only works if you were born around 1985). Then, look around at your apartment (this only works if you live in an apartment), think about the restaurants you eat at, and then think about the attractiveness of the people who typically surround you.

I don’t know why I enjoy doing that.


One thought on “Cidade de Deus, but in New York, and the exact opposite

  1. coffee says:

    this girl is on top of her game

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