Gad Elmaleh can do NO wrong!

200px-TheValet I watched La Doublure (English Title: The Valet) yesterday, and it’s wonderfully written French comedy starring Gad Elmaleh. Once again, Elmaleh plays a poor man with a crappy job (as he did in Hors de prix). Typecast alert?

Maybe. But it’s hard to say. Looking at IMDB, he’s in 31 films, and I’ve only see 2 of them. However, I can say that it’s the shape of his head and the characteristics of his face that say, “nice, charming, poor.” I’m guessing that Gad Elmaleh will continue to play this roll in the near future and continue doing it wonderfully!

Also great in the film was Alice Taglioni. Do you believe in love at first sight? Repeatedly? With the same person? It’s hard not to fall in love with her and continually re-fall in love with her in every scene in she’s in.

So that’s that. Stay tuned for some Cut to the Chase. I have Vantage Point queued up, and the bar is high for all William Hurt films after A History of Violence as any film that he does not steal will be a disappointment to me.


One thought on “Gad Elmaleh can do NO wrong!

  1. Michael Lynch says:

    Cut to the chase – All of Al’s foreign movie reviews: I’m Al. I’m sophisticated because I like foreign films and praise foreign actors that nobody’s ever heard of. Excuse me while I play my theramin, as I’m wont to do (because I’m Al).

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