White people refrigerate soy sauce

200px-Soy_sause_display But Asian people do not. To us, the thought of refrigerating soy sauce sounds silly.

Additionally, we don’t put soy sauce on white rice. That’s silly too.


8 thoughts on “White people refrigerate soy sauce

  1. Kyle says:

    But don’t you dip your sushi (which contains white rice) in your soy sauce?

  2. Lena says:

    Actually, I don’t buy or use soya sauce at all. (:
    but I haven’t really heard of people refrigerating it, though..

  3. alhwang says:

    Sushi rice is seasoned, so that doesn’t count.

    And I’m glad that refrigerating soy sauce isn’t a popular thing in Norway. Perhaps I should retitle my article to “white Americans.”

  4. jewe27 says:

    actually in Japan, you don’t dip your “sushi” (sushi actually is the name that refers to the seasoned rice), instead you brush the soy sauce on your sushi using the ginger as a paint brush.. You don’t dip into it.

  5. Jim says:

    You are a wasted bitch of a racist……….Japs don’t refrigerate human heads, Nanking deaths, idiotic ethoncentric traditions, nor oppressions of the past either……..YOU JUST LIE AND CRY LIKE A YELLOW BASTARD.

  6. T says:

    White people do WHAT????

  7. Ivan says:

    And American-born white people often refrigerate bread;
    whereas the European-born ones would NEVER do that.

    In fact, European-born people often think that you DO NOT need to refrigerate:
    – Eggs
    – Butter (as long as it’s in a covered dish)
    and even
    – dry/hard sausages and cheeses (“don’t you understand that that mold growing on it is a protective coating?”);

    Whereas their American-born children know:
    – A) that their parents are out of their stinkin’ Old-World minds
    – B) that EVERYTHING, except perhaps living pets and children, should be kept in the refrigerator at ALL times.

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