Al makes a mistake

I am not perfect. Nobody is. The following is a short tale of a mistake that I made. You will be given the opportunity to think about what you would’ve done in this situation.

Sunday morning, 10:00am – I take out the trash and replace the trash bag.

Sunday evening, 7pm – Upon making dinner, I realize that my meat has gone bad.

What do I do?

Obviously, I should throw it away. But if I throw it away, it’ll likely make my apartment smell bad.

But if I throw it away and then take the trash out again, this will be a waste of a trash bag. My current trash bag is completely empty!

What would you do?

Looking back, I would’ve just eaten the cost of the wasted trash bag and just taken the trash out. What I did instead was:

  1. Take out a new trash bag
  2. Throw the bad meat into the new trash bag
  3. Roll up the new trash bag to make it harder for odor to escape.
  4. Toss the rolled up trash bag with the rotten meat into my trash can.
  5. Called it a day.

So I managed to find the solution that both stunk up my apartment and wasted the trash bag.


3 thoughts on “Al makes a mistake

  1. Michael Lynch says:

    v. nice work

  2. Kyle says:

    This is why you save some bags when going food shopping.

  3. diana says:

    i threw bad beef out in my garbage of my apartment without bagging it and got scolded by my apartment mates because i didnt think to reason that it would smell. my bad. clearly im spoiled by my mom who takes care of things like that

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