I’m always ready to say "Samosas"

homemadesamoa I recently brought 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to bring into work to share. And whenever someone asks me what kind I got, I’ll always take a second to think, and then I’ll respond, “I got 5 boxes of Samoas.”

Why do I always take a second? Because this logic always gets called:

whatYouGot = “Samosas”;

if(whatYou’reTalkingAbout == “Girl Scout Cookies”) whatYouGot = “Samoas”;

Which is a fancy way of saying, I’m always ready to say “Samosas,” but I’m always aware that could be wrong, so I have to think about it to figure out if what I mean to say is actually “Samoas.”

Here are some other scenarios that are affected:

Question: What do you want for appetizers?

Response: …Samosas!

And additionally, there’s some extra logic in my head for this:

Question: Who was that baseball player that was in the home run race with Mark McGuire?

Reponse: …Sammy Sosas!


One thought on “I’m always ready to say "Samosas"

  1. Ivan says:

    But I thought Samosas were an independent nation and an unincorporated territory of the United States located next to each other in the South Pacific.

    That, or, delicious Indian sandwiches for those vegitarian LOSERS.

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