Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me”

I was originally going to write a post comparing the iPhone 3GS with a gun, but then I saw the new Taylor Swift video and had to write about it:


First, this video is adorable. As usual!

But what I find interesting are the parallels between this video and Avril Lavigne’s video for Girlfriend. In Girlfriend, Avril plays a bad girl with black hair covets a guy who’s seeing another girl, also played by herself, but with red hair. She eventually wins him over by terrorizing the other girl.

In You Belong with Me, Taylor Swift  plays a girl with blonde hair who is in love with a guy that’s dating a girl, played by herself, but with black hair. She eventually wins over the guy by showing up to a dance with a nice dress and a makeover.

I also like the video for Taylor Swift’s Love Story as it parallels Romeo and Juliet. The only difference is that in Love Story, the problem is resolved when the guy talks to Taylor’s father, and they resolve their conflicts, whereas in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet both commit suicide.


3 thoughts on “Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me”

  1. Michael Lynch says:

    A triumphant return!

    You have to appreciate music videos where the plot of the video is just literally what’s being said in the song. Why do you suppose he wrote his last note in blue ink when all of his previous ones were in black?

  2. Diana says:

    i loved this video and the love story one. taylor swift is annoyingly catchy…i guess i have to give her props because she does co-write her own songs.

  3. Kyle says:

    You forgot the spoiler alert for Romeo & Juliet!!!

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