Crawling on the Floor

krav-maga-inside Today at my Krav Maga class, we spent the entire class doing conditioning drills. Toward the end, we had to do a snake crawl. This involves crawling on the floor while keeping your knees and stomach in contact with the ground. After we finished, I realized that I had a piece of hair in my mouth that I couldn’t get out by just spitting.

Normally, that a piece of hair in my mouth wouldn’t bother me, but in all likelihood, this was a piece of hair that was on the ground (on the mats) and got kicked up into the air and into my mouth. And the mats are absolutely disgusting.

Sure, they don’t look especially dirty, but they attract lots of gross things like:

  1. Everyone’s sweat
  2. Dirt from under people’s shoes (which they wear everywhere)
  3. Everyone’s MRSA. Look it up.

To give you a good idea of how gross the mats are, if I go barefoot in class, the soles of my feet will be pitch black afterward.

So the thought of all of the crap that was in my mouth just from the piece of hair was almost making me gag.

Unfortunately, the only way I could get the hair of my mouth was to use my hands, which had just been pushing off the mat for the last hour of conditioning drills. In fact, I could actually see dirt on my hands.

Gagging from the disgustingness, I decided to just wipe my fingers on my sweaty shirt (the sweat will cleanse my hands, right?) and stick them in my mouth quickly to get the hair.

However, I couldn’t get the hair out! It was still there! So I had to stick my fingers in my mouth again! And still no luck! I tried 4 more times before I got the strand of hair out of my mouth.

And that’s my story for ya’ll today. Have a good ‘un!


2 thoughts on “Crawling on the Floor

  1. Even though I was present for this, the re-telling will give me nightmares.

  2. diana says:

    haha this actually made me laugh out loud though I do sympathize greatly with the germiness and MRSA-ness of it all. I trust that you are still in good health.

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