Today’s Freak-out

When I got into my car after work, I noticed that 3 of my windows were wide open, and my sunroof was partially open. This really freaked me out. I immediately checked the back seat for intruders, and I checked to make sure my brakes still worked.

So what could’ve caused this? I explored 3 possibilities.

  1. I opened the windows myself and just forgot about it. I often do open my windows, so it’s possible I just did that and forgot it. However, it was raining this morning, so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have opened the windows. Plus, I’d never open the moon roof.
  2. I opened the windows with some button on my remote that I didn’t know existed. Can you do this? I have no idea.
  3. Someone pranked me? I had my keys on me the whole day though. I don’t see how someone could’ve opened all these things without power.



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