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If you want to impress girls, why don’t you buy a house?

I was at lunch talking about cars. It went something like this:

Al: So I was thinking about just getting a new car, fully loaded with all of the options I want.

Nancy: What’s wrong with your current car?

Al: Nothing’s “wrong” with it, but there’s some little things that I don’t love. For example, I don’t like the grill.

Nancy: When you drive your car, do you notice your grill?

Al: No, but girls do.

Tom: If you want to impress girls, why don’t you buy a house?


WHAT? How does buying a house impress girls? Does I need to buy a *nice* house, or is it just the idea of home ownership that’s impressive. If it’s home ownership, is it the idea that I have money invested in assets? And how do I impress girls with that? I can drive around with an awesome car and be noticed by girls, but I can’t very well bring my house to bars. Should I bring the deed? Or alternatively, if it’s the idea of being well invested, can I just bring my investment portfolio and show her my above-average average annualized returns (which I do have!)


This was Theresa’s response later in the day:

It shows girls that you’re ready to settle down.

WHAT? So should I buy a house in the suburbs and buy a minivan too? And plus, I don’t want to lie to women and make them think that I am ready to settle down, and I don’t think I want to attract girls that are looking for guys that are willing to settle down. I want to find women that can get excited about an awesome car! And I imagine that there are better ways of showing girls that you’re ready to settle down than buying a house before you get married!

So what’s my conclusion for the day? WOMEN HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ATTRACTS WOMEN.

(Okay, neither do I, but I’m just saying…)

(And also, I’ll admit, that was a pretty loosely formed conclusion, but I’m just saying…)


This is Classical

I found this CD on the Zune marketplace called “This is Classical”:


I like CDs that tell me things! Kinda like these:




Also on my mind:

  • ricing out my BMW?
  • Survivor: Everyone vs. Parvati?
  • Parvati Shallow

Facebook’s idea of Microsoft drivers

Almost every time I log onto Facebook, I see this ad:

microsoft drivers

No offense to my fellow Microsoft employees, but I think someone’s got the wrong idea of what we look like.

This is what the ad should REALLY look like:

microsoft drivers2


What is the deal with Education Connection?

educationconnection So I just bought a Kindle, but I’ve delayed opening the package so I could share this post with you. You better enjoy it.

Have you guys seen the Education Connection commercials? So apparently, Education Connection is a website that helps people find online colleges. And I can’t stop watching their commercials. For some reason, any time one of their commercials comes on, I need to stop whatever I’m doing and watch. Here’s one of them:

You know what bothers me about this? She tells you that we can go to college in our pajamas, and then later in the commercial, she tells guys to “cover up” when they’re checking out the web site. Wtf, right? I feel like if you tell us that we can do this in our pajamas and tell us that we need to cover up, you’re backing out of your original promise.

There’s another commercial that I can’t find a link to, but after doing a little Internet search, I found out that the girl in it is Andreanna Veith:

I feel like if I could talk to her, I would say, “I’m sorry that you’re in such an awful commercial. I think you’re awesome. (I might love you)”

The last thing I want to mention is that every time an Education Connection commercial comes up, they show you a different web address to go to. Now, realistically, they change the address so they can track which of their commercials (time slots, whatever) are more successful, but I still think it’s creepy. It’s like how the guy you buy batteries from is at a different street corner every weekend.

(I like getting my batteries cheap)

So there you have it. Now, time to play with my new Kindle. Coming up: a review of the Kindle? OR, thoughts on something irrelevant. One of the two!

wtf is polenta?

For those of you that tuned into my last post entitled, “Today’s Freak-out,” it turns out that if I hold down a button on my car key remote, all of the windows open up. Who woulda thunk?

What I’d really like to talk about today though is what I had for lunch today. With my lamb, I got to choose 2 sides. For the first one, I obviously chose the asparagus (mmm asparagus pee). I wasn’t sure what to choose for the second one, so I asked the chef/server what the yellowish goop was, and he said it was mashed potatoes, so I was like “YA HOOK ME UP.”

After I sat down and took a bite, I immediately noticed that it didn’t taste like mashed potatoes. Nor did it have a mashed potatoey texture. After asking around, I found out that it was polenta. Ah, okay…

‘cept wtf is polenta?

So for those of you new to this blog, I’m Chinese, and if there’s one thing Chinese people know nothing about, it’s polenta. I thought I’d write this blog post as I look up “polenta” on the Internet.

Apparently, Wikipedia (or more precisely, some guy in his underwear with nothing better to do but write articles and cite his sources) defines polenta as a dish made from boiled cornmeal…

That’s disgusting. Isn’t that what we used to feed drosophila before anesthetizing them and staring at their sex combs? I’m going to sleep.

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