wtf is polenta?

For those of you that tuned into my last post entitled, “Today’s Freak-out,” it turns out that if I hold down a button on my car key remote, all of the windows open up. Who woulda thunk?

What I’d really like to talk about today though is what I had for lunch today. With my lamb, I got to choose 2 sides. For the first one, I obviously chose the asparagus (mmm asparagus pee). I wasn’t sure what to choose for the second one, so I asked the chef/server what the yellowish goop was, and he said it was mashed potatoes, so I was like “YA HOOK ME UP.”

After I sat down and took a bite, I immediately noticed that it didn’t taste like mashed potatoes. Nor did it have a mashed potatoey texture. After asking around, I found out that it was polenta. Ah, okay…

‘cept wtf is polenta?

So for those of you new to this blog, I’m Chinese, and if there’s one thing Chinese people know nothing about, it’s polenta. I thought I’d write this blog post as I look up “polenta” on the Internet.

Apparently, Wikipedia (or more precisely, some guy in his underwear with nothing better to do but write articles and cite his sources) defines polenta as a dish made from boiled cornmeal…

That’s disgusting. Isn’t that what we used to feed drosophila before anesthetizing them and staring at their sex combs? I’m going to sleep.

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