What is the deal with Education Connection?

educationconnection So I just bought a Kindle, but I’ve delayed opening the package so I could share this post with you. You better enjoy it.

Have you guys seen the Education Connection commercials? So apparently, Education Connection is a website that helps people find online colleges. And I can’t stop watching their commercials. For some reason, any time one of their commercials comes on, I need to stop whatever I’m doing and watch. Here’s one of them:


You know what bothers me about this? She tells you that we can go to college in our pajamas, and then later in the commercial, she tells guys to “cover up” when they’re checking out the web site. Wtf, right? I feel like if you tell us that we can do this in our pajamas and tell us that we need to cover up, you’re backing out of your original promise.

There’s another commercial that I can’t find a link to, but after doing a little Internet search, I found out that the girl in it is Andreanna Veith:


I feel like if I could talk to her, I would say, “I’m sorry that you’re in such an awful commercial. I think you’re awesome. (I might love you)”

The last thing I want to mention is that every time an Education Connection commercial comes up, they show you a different web address to go to. Now, realistically, they change the address so they can track which of their commercials (time slots, whatever) are more successful, but I still think it’s creepy. It’s like how the guy you buy batteries from is at a different street corner every weekend.

(I like getting my batteries cheap)

So there you have it. Now, time to play with my new Kindle. Coming up: a review of the Kindle? OR, thoughts on something irrelevant. One of the two!


One thought on “What is the deal with Education Connection?

  1. “You *don’t* want to pick the wrong online college! “Or else you might have to go through the painful transfer process (opening up a new browser tab).

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