Monthly Archives: March 2010

Prescriptions for eye glasses?

eyeglasses Why do you need a prescription for eye glasses? I mean, sure, it’s helpful that optometrists can provide a piece of a paper that tells you which lenses you *should* get, but why should you be restricted to that? Why can’t you just go to a store and try out lenses of varying strengths until you find the one that you like? And why do eye glass prescriptions have expiration dates?



Why do you do it like that?

The other day, Tian gave me a banana which I proceeded to eat in front of him. I removed the peel altogether, discarded the peel, and just held the banana by the fruit as I ate it. Tian looked at me in disgust and asked, “why do you do it like that? You put your hand in contact with the part that you eat. Think about how much bacteria is being transferred to your food.”

That made me think, why DO I eat it like that? Back in the day, I’d just gradually peel a banana as I ate it, keeping germs off the banana, and keeping my fingers clean. I was pretty sure I only started eating bananas like this about a year ago, and I was pretty sure I had a good reason, but I didn’t remember it.


Can YOU figure out why, junior detectives???