Shoe shopping addiction?

Last night, I found myself buying a pair of trail running shoes as I wanted to start doing more trail runs, and I thought the extra traction might help prevent injuries due to slippage. Earlier that day, I had come to the realization that I own a lot of shoes, and I was worried that I have a shoe shopping addiction.

How many shoes do I have? Well, I’d imagine that it’s a lot for guys:

  1. Black loafers
  2. Brown loafers
  3. Brown casual Cole Haans (winter)
  4. Blue casual Cole Haans (winter)
  5. Black casual boat shoes (spring/summer)
  6. Gray casual sneakers (spring/summer)
  7. Reef sandals
  8. Mizuno running shoes
  9. Vibram Five Fingers
  10. Mizuno trail running shoes
  11. Nike gym sneakers (older sneakers I just wear in the gym)
  12. Saucony gym sneakers (old running shoes I wear to my boxing gym)
  13. And1 basketball shoes
  14. Merrell hiking boots
  15. Football cleats
  16. Softball cleats
  17. New Balance sneakers (casual)
  18. Saucony sneakers (casual)

As I talked to my some of my friends that like buying shoes, I realized that my appreciation for buying shoes is different from theirs. They like buying lots of shoes and being able to choose which shoe to wear with their given outfits. Realistically, I rotate between two pairs of shoes to wear casually depending on the season. The reason I have so many shoes is that I like shopping for gear for activities. These activities include:

  1. Basketball
  2. Football
  3. Softball
  4. Running
  5. Trail running
  6. Barefoot running
  7. Hiking

And the reason that I have so many sneakers is that I keep cycling through running shoes and reusing running shoes in other capacities that don’t require as much support as running (eg, weightlifting, boxing, etc).

So does this mean that I can still retain my manliness as the size of my shoe inventory is proportional to the number of manly activities I do? Perhaps, but the fact of the matter is that I do enjoy buying OUTRAGEOUS LOOKING SHOES. The MORE OUTRAGEOUS, THE BETTER. Example:


These shoes are BRIGHT ORANGE and HIDEOUS, but when you wear them when you run, people will think that you:

  1. are a serious runner
  2. make a lot of money (because the shoes are so hideous they have to be expensive)
  3. are well endowed (ldo)

So that about sums up my theories on shoe shopping.

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3 thoughts on “Shoe shopping addiction?

  1. A guy writing about shoes…. And listing all the shoes he owns…. Hmmm, something’s not quite right here.

  2. T says:

    What does “Ido” stand for?

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