My views on carpooling with coupes

honda1 I recently bought a Honda Civic EX Coupe. Sweet ride imo!

But after I bought it, I realized that it would really inconvenience the people that I drive to the gym. This is a bad thing, right?

Upon further thought, I came to the realization that when I give people a ride to a place I’m going, I’m providing a service. Sure, it’s a service that doesn’t terribly inconvenience me, but it’s a service none-the-less, and I should be compensated for it (and certainly not even further inconvenienced by not being allowed to buy a coupe out of courtesy for others).

So what’s the perfect compensation for an occasional ride to the same place I’m going? In my opinion, it’s inconveniencing your passengers by forcing them to have to deal with a coupe. No, my goal isn’t really to inconvenience them, but it amuses me that they’ll occasionally have to deal with sliding the passenger seat and trying to get into the back (twice per ride!)

And those are my views on carpooling with coupes.

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