“I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative”

Oh are you? That’s so cool! I don’t’ know many people like you – all of my friends are either socially conservative and fiscally conservative (Fascists) or socially liberal and fiscally liberal (Marxists). Anyway, I bet you didn’t know this about me (because you’re not a mind reader), but I’m actually a mind reader! Oh, you don’t believe me? I’m sensing something…

You’re socially liberal because you’re okay with gays (you even know a few, and they’re totally people too) and you’re fiscally conservative because you learned in your high school history class that communism “only works on paper.” You even took a COLLEGE history class (while you were majoring in English) where you learned that history has shown that only capitalism has been proven to work and that the socialism is just WAY too inefficient. You wish Capitol Hill would just stop all that wasteful pork barrel spending and get rid of Social Security already. The problem these days is a lack of personal responsibility! Oh, and war: you’re generally against it unless all other options have been exhausted.

But enough about politics. There’s more to you than that. You’re a free thinker. You loved Jack Kerouac’s On The Road.  You love indie music and travel. In fact, you listened to Arcade Fire throughout your entire backpacking trip through Europe. Sure, you hit all the big cities and the big sites, but you’re all about getting to know the locals and taking day trips outside of the big urban areas.

What are you doing with your life now? After graduating, you’ve been looking for a role that really fits you – something that helps people, but you haven’t really found what you’re looking for, so you’re thinking about going back to school – probably law school.

Oh, and you think psychology is cool because you really get to understand how the human mind works.

That’s really cool!

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2 thoughts on ““I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative”

  1. Rob says:

    You could have also titled this “I’m a 20-something middle class white person”.

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