Survivors within The Bachelor

The website for ABC’s “The Bachelor” asks the contestants of the show, “which three things would you bring with you on a desert island?” This is especially a propos as the final challenge presumably involves Brad Womack and three women roughing it in the Amazon. In today’s blog post, I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite responses.


Ashley S wrote that she’d want to bring a knife, sun screen, and a picture of her family. This is a legitimately smart answer! I know because I’ve been car camping a few times. I was especially sad when Ashley S left the show.



Ashley H decided that her desert island would have cell phone service as she answered “Phone – to connect with family/friends and listen to music.” She also decided that she would get around the 3 item limit by using a slash as she listed “tooth paste/tooth brush” as well as sunscreen. Ashley H is a 26 year old dentist. I didn’t know 26 year olds could be dentists. Good for her.


Jackie would bring a pet as a companion, fireworks so she’d “have some hope of getting saved”, and a gun. I like her response too. Perhaps the gun isn’t as versatile as a knife, but it’ll certainly be easier to go hunting (though I don’t know what there is to hunt on a desert island). My favorite part of Jackie’s response, however, are the fireworks. I like to imagine that she didn’t actually mean “flares” and that she really just wanted to be found in style with an elaborate fireworks display. Presumably, the fireworks would be timed and fired off to the 1812 Overture.

shawntelShawntel didn’t get the desert island question. Instead, she was asked what she would do if she could live someone else’s life for a day. She chose to be a pathologist. At first, I thought that this is a pretty morose choice, but when I remembered that she was a funeral director, my response was, “ah yes, yes, I can see that.”

chantalChantal also decided to stay with the theme of, “Oh I’m just going to casually chill on the island with my consumer electronic devices while I wait to be rescued", choosing to bring her phone, a pet dog, and her e-book reader.

alli I really like Alli’s answer, which was a crossword puzzle, a diet coke, and a pen to use to do the crossword puzzle – a list of things that will keep her occupied for approximately an hour on a deserted island, assuming that she nurses the diet coke. Alli is an “apparel merchant.”


Cristy probably gave the best answer: an iPod, sunscreen, and a friend to keep her company. In other words, not only is she completely unprepared to get off the island or survive, but she’s going to condemn her friend to the same fate. And to top it off, she’s going to bring her iPod, so F her friend – she’s going to listen to her music. Cristy is an attorney.

“So Al, you’ve been making fun of everyone else’s answers… if you’re such a pro car camper/survivalist, what would YOU bring to the desert island?” First of all, I wasn’t making fun of them – I was merely admiring their ability to think outside the box. But to answer the real meat of the question, I’d probably bring a satellite phone, clean drinking water, and Ashley S.

Safe travels everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Survivors within The Bachelor

  1. You choose clean drinking water over a knife? Or is the assumption that if you’re bringing Ashley S, you get to have all her stuff, too?

    Ha, I like the clever skirting of the 3 items rule with a slash. I’d bring a suitcase/enough survival tools to fit in the suitcase. Plus two other items. My favorite on the list was “fireworks.”

    Is the picture messed up or is Shawntel actually white?

  2. alhwang says:

    If I have a satellite phone and I can call for help, what would I need a knife for?

  3. alhwang says:

    oh, and they’re all white.

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