Beauty is only skin deep… or is it?

sammiYou know in the hit TV show House when Wilson or Cuddy says something inspiring House to solve the mystery but also completely zone out as a result? I often have moments like that, but instead of doing something important like solving mysteries or saving lives, I’m usually thinking about something completely random like an episode of House I’d seen recently.

A couple of days ago, this happened to me while I read something that said, “beauty is only skin deep.” It made me think, wait a minute, isn’t it somewhat inherently superficial to define beauty as something that is just skin deep?

Then, I started thinking about the movie She’s All That and Extreme Makeover where they try to make a girl that’s beautiful on the inside beautiful on the outside as well. I wondered, could you make someone beautiful on the outside beautiful on the inside as well? Couldn’t you just take them to a homeless shelter or something where they’ll just learn compassion? How hard could it be?

Then I thought about Sammi from Jersey Shore and concluded that yeah, it could probably be pretty hard.

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One thought on “Beauty is only skin deep… or is it?

  1. Mike L says:

    Yeah, but she’s Sammi “Sweetheart.” They don’t call her that for nothing. Remember in the first episode where she told Snooki to go away because she didn’t want Snooki’s vomit breath on her. But then later she half-heartedly *apologized* and explained that it was just a personal thing she had where she doesn’t like people with vomit breath to breathe on her? If that didn’t demonstrate inner beauty, then I don’t even know what inner beauty is.

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