A study on haters

Recently a team of 5 Swedish scientists set out to understand the nature of hate and where it comes from. The results of their study are summarized here.


The graph above looks at the source of hate. It was found that 90% of hate comes from haters, and only 9% comes from non-haters.


This graph focuses on the sample of haters. From this part of the study, we found that 100% of haters hate. There exists a discrepancy between this graph and the other, but it falls within the +/- 5% margin of error.


The last part of the study involved asking haters what they had opinions about. Haters seemed to have lot strong opinions on Survivor, Jersey Shore, and politics. Kittens and opera tended to be less interesting to haters though they did have reasons to hate them.

Based on the strong correlation found between haters and hating, the panel of Swedish scientists concluded that there is a strong likelihood that haters gon’ hate. The panel plans to conduct a study to investigate potential causality in early 2012.

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2 thoughts on “A study on haters

  1. Mike L says:

    This is such a bullshit post. It completely disregards the effort haters put into having opinions about Micro$oft and Apple and which OS / gaming device / phone is best. I bet Micro$0ft and 4ppl3 paid you for this article!

  2. Jing Hu says:

    Google “Katt Williams” now his definition of a hater is right!!! Not some swedish mumbo jumbo study. Real talk!

    “haters gonna hate why? becaue that’s their job!”

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