Al Down South–Queue Jumping

This is the first post of my new "travel category” called Al Down South. It’s a blog about travel, written mostly without traveling. My first topic: Queue Jumping.

Before I went to Europe, a bunch of my friends warned me that Europeans really don’t like queue jumping. This is pretty unfortunate as it conflicts with the fundamental American need to jump queues.

Andrew and I ran into this problem when we were in a train station in Amsterdam, and we needed to get our Eurail passes validated or something. We went to the office and stood in line. However, we had no idea where the line ended, so we just picked a place that looked like the end and stood there. A woman then came to us and said, “excuse me, the line actually ends back there.”

I know, pretty obnoxious of her right?

So what’s my advice? When you’re in Europe and looking to jump queue, just be ready to fight. They totally don’t expect stuff like that. Hit the lights-off switch with a left hook, and then just RUN. Then say "sourry aboot that” so they blame it on Canadians.


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