Dealing with the unpleasantness of dieting

A lot of dieting programs will try to give you tips on how to deal with hunger. They say stuff like “drink lots of water to keep your stomach full” or “eat high fiber foods which will slow down gastric emptying and keep you feeling fuller longer.” Well, this blog post isn’t like that. My advice: do stuff that’s much worse than dieting, so in comparison, the hunger doesn’t feel that bad.

Here are some things you can try:

  1. Fight someone better than you when you’re already tired. There are few things more demoralizing than sparring with someone and getting your ass handed to you. You’re covering your head, but your opponent’s getting around your defenses, and you’d like to fight back, but you’re tired, so you’re not thinking straight, and you go back to covering your head and rolling, which hasn’t been working. It sucks.
  2. Run a really long distance with friends. Specifically, around friends that motivate you. For me, it’s generally workout buddies that don’t let you give up or girls that are cute that you just don’t want to look weak in front of. Despite having legs that felt like bricks and being out of breath, I think I pushed myself for an extra 2 miles because I didn’t want to give up and walk. It was pretty awful.
  3. Do a Krav Maga belt test. This was easily one of the most physically taxing things I’ve ever done in my life. 5 minutes in, I was sure I was going to throw up from the intensity of the warm up. 5 hours and 55 minutes later, I was running on fumes, I could barely raise my arms, and the instructors kept pushing me to keep going. Meanwhile, my partner was choking me. I spent the entire next day lying on my couch unable to stand up because my entire body was sore.

Any time I feel hungry, I think back to those experiences, and I think, “meh, all I have to do is not eat like a pig? This isn’t so bad in comparison.”

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