Dieting and my new appreciation for food


A while back, I hit a point where I just stopped being excited about food. I mean sure, there were some meals that were good, but really good food was expensive, and I figured that if I wasn’t going to have really good food all the time, I’d just kinda try to eat healthy food not caring about how it tastes. I even tried looking for substitutions for real food so I could get all of the nutrition I’d need in the form of smoothies (for convenience). Cake, cookies, chocolate, candy, sushi, steak – they all really didn’t mean much to me.

This is a really depressing way to live.

Fast forward to the present where half the week, I’m eating a low calorie, low carb diet. I aim for roughly 1500 calories a day and no more than 50g of carbs. I eat a lot of salad, lean meat, and for dessert, I have string cheese. After several days of dieting + intense workouts, I’m finding that I LOVE MEDIOCRE FOOD AGAIN AND IT’S EXCELLENT.

Last night, I was walking by the patient family waiting room at the hospital where I volunteer, and all I could smell was cafeteria food, and it was awesome.

To begin my carb loading, I decided to hit up this local Chinese buffet that’s known for mediocre-at-best reviews, and it was amazing. Little things like donuts make me happy again.

So final thoughts: dieting – it not only helps you lean out (provided that you do it right), but it’ll also help you appreciate your food more.

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