Cut to the Chase–Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

fatsickFat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is a documentary about an overweight Australian guy who goes around the US having the following conversation with Americans in different parts of the US:

Australian:  Hey there. Do you eat vegetables?

American: No.

Australian: How do you feel about your weight?

American: I should probably lose some weight, but I enjoy food too much. I’d rather die happy.

Australian: Ah. You know, I’m on this fast.

American: Yeah?

Australian: Yeah, I don’t eat anything. Instead, I put a bunch of vegetables and fruits in a juicer and drink my food.

American:  Oh

Australian: It’s full of micronutrients. Instead of all of those refined chemicals.

American: Yeah?

Australian: I’m losing a lot of weight, and it’s curing my urticaria.

American: That’s good.

Australian: Want to try it?

[Cut to parking lot where Australian and American are behind the Australian’s truck. The Australian blends up some juice (in the back of his truck) and both the American and the Australian take a sip.]

American: That’s not bad.

This conversation is repeated with other people for the next hour and a half. Moral of the story: If you’re suffering from bizarre autoimmune conditions, ask your rheumatologist about putting vegetables in a juicer!

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