Lion-eating and flag-burning

lion-king-34A friend of mine Joe is from South Africa, and some time ago, we were talking about African safaris. Specifically, I asked him if we could go on a safari if I visit South Africa, and he enthusiastically said yes. I then asked him if we could hunt and eat lions, and he said, “what? No, you can’t kill lions. If you shoot a lion, I’ll shoot you.” (Irony forthcoming?)

I didn’t realize that lions were endangered, but I get that if they are, you don’t want to hunt them for food. After all, you can get plenty of micronutrients from non-endangered things like apples and kale.

But just last night, I was watching The Ghost and the Darkness (or was it Wall Street… I always get those two mixed up), and there were these two giant lions attacking people, and I figured that if they’re attacking people, it has to be okay to shoot them, right?

So today I bring this question to Joe, and his response is, “ah yes, if they’re attacking you, then it’s okay to shoot them, and in that case, you should probably eat them.”

Interesting! At that point, I concluded that eating lions seems to be like burning flags. You don’t want to do it, but sometimes (like when you don’t want to waste dead lion meat or you don’t want to let the flag get desecrated) it’s the right thing to do.

And on one final note: did anyone detect irony? It appears that it’s encouraged to kill humans in defense of lions unless you’re killing lions in defense of humans. Okay I guess that’s not irony, but it’s probably passable as irony to the untrained, non ivy-league ear.

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