Your doll looks eerily like a doll

pennywiseWhen you’re a kid, everything’s scary. The dark is scary. Clowns are scary. Big whoop – people understand it, you get over it as you get older, and life goes on.

When you enter adulthood, things that scared you as a kid aren’t supposed to scare you anymore. I used to be so afraid of the Pennywise the clown from the film It that I would be afraid of being alone for weeks after seeing the film, but I got over it… mostly. (Note: I did consciously decide not to add the picture of the clown to my post until right before I submitted it so I wouldn’t have to stare at it while I wrote this). Really, adults are supposed to be afraid of different things like muggers, communism, venereal disease, etc.

But I maintain that there’s one thing that’s scary for children and way creepy for adults: DOLLS.

Now, before I go any further, not all dolls are scary. The following are fine:

Hand_made_dolls okdolls

They’re clearly happy and harmless. And even the following are fine:

intentionallycreepydoll scarydoll

I mean, sure, they’re scary, but they’re intentionally made to be scary, and you just acknowledge that the person who designed them was sick, and life goes on. However, there’s this next category of doll which is just creepy:

creepydoll Shirley-Temple

WTF??? It’s like someone designed these dolls to be life-like enough to make them seem like they have the potential to be sentient beings but doll-like enough so that if they were sentient, they’d clearly not share human values and resent humans from bringing them into this cruel world.

I was inspired to write this post because in the elevator in my apartment, this woman was carrying this creepy looking doll. At first, I thought it was odd that it was the woman who was carrying it and not her daughter, but then I noticed that the doll was piercing into my soul with her stare, expressing that her ability to communicate was stifled by her creator’s inability to give her a working set of vocal cords, and then I kinda thought “ah, yeah, if I were that kid, I wouldn’t want to hold that doll either.”

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