Oh and I don’t want your unsolicited stock advice at all

enronOn occasion, I’ll have an interesting conversation with someone about stocks and finance. The person I’m talking to will bring up some numbers, but it’ll mostly be about durable competitive advantage, specific plans for growth, and I’ll learn something.

Most of the time, however, I just find people sharing their uninformed opinions about things, and it’s really depressing. It’s like they used the following steps to make their stock pick:

  1. Hear something from a dubious source. For example, a friend that has no business giving any stock advice.
  2. Notice that the stock prices have been going up.
  3. Rationalize why the stock would be doing so well with a bunch of buzz words. “Monetize,” “China,” and “growth potential” seem to be good ones.
  4. Proceed to not actually buy the stock – just be satisfied with knowing that you are a stock expert.

So, in order to avoid being that guy, here are my following rules for sharing opinions on investing:

  • I don’t do it.

If you ask a specific question, I can talk about relevant things I’ve read, and I’ll try to cite my sources, but I am no diviner of good stocks, and I will not pretend to be one.

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One thought on “Oh and I don’t want your unsolicited stock advice at all

  1. Mike L says:

    One word: plastics.

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