Me, Mice, Jeet, and Irene pt 2

So how do 3 dudes prepare for the Irene-ocalypse? Well, since one of us was a former Microsoft Program Manager (and technically still is), we made a spec:


  • Don’t die over the next two days

K, now that we got that out of the way, we created a shopping list:

  • Toilet paper
  • Water
  • Food that doesn’t require refrigeration per se
    • Cans of tuna
    • Chinese take-out. Lots and lots of it. The msg preserves it like an Egyptian mummy.

And that’s that for the planning phase! We unfortunate ran into a few snags along the way in the execution phase:

  • We first hit up a super market casually after our post-workout Chipotle run and before we came up with a plan. Once we got into the super market… well, imagine three guys standing around in workout clothes not knowing what to buy and being like, “hey, what are people supposed to get to survive?” A bunch of (attractive) women laughed with (at) us.
  • We didn’t feel like waiting in line, so we went to the super market much later. There was still a long line, and all of the water was sold out. Instead, we bought 3 large containers to hold and refrigerate our own water. Mice and Jeet also bought a bunch of seltzer.

Here are some pictures!


I wasn’t joking about the Chinese food. That’s enough food to feed the Emperor for weeks and it was only $30. It also has all of your essential food groups: meat, broccoli, and rice.


We have large containers with water in it. The lids are not water tight, and they don’t support the weight of the full containers, so you have to lift it by the container. You’ll also notice that there’s more leftover Chinese in there.

And that’s how three dudes plan for survival! Stay tuned for the next segment on actually living through the hurricane!

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